Published on February 11, 2011 By IROKONESS In Life, the Universe and Everything

9-Second St. Emerson.    $43,900.  gets you this.

I phoned and couldn't believe my ears.  For $43,900.00 of my hard earned money I get zip.      Yes, that's right. Nothing.

When I move out I can get $40,000.00 back..... $3900. goes to real estate guy. No interest. Rent will be $1,000. a month. For everyone. no discount for them holding on to your casharoni.    Oh, and bring your own washer and dryer.  The real estate guy was having a hard time stuttering it out himself. I googled it and found there are no regulations on these life lease debaucheries.  The only up side is you can put it in someone else's name. ie. children. People are buying them! 

I'm thinking someone's getting an early start on us baby boomers.   Buyer beware.

If I'm in error, Please correct me.

Cheers, IROK



on Feb 11, 2011

Well, it is 60 minutes south of Winnipeg, or only 412 minutes east of Regina!  And you can drop by Montreal in only 1560 minutes.  

on Feb 11, 2011

Is that the draw?     

I think even with that ease of access travel, I believe I'll pass...