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April 26, 2015 by IROKONESS
Hi, for about a week I've been getting this page instead of the home page and not sure what to do.   Here's a pic. Tried to make a forum support ticket but it didn't recognize my login.  Thanks
July 2, 2012 by IROKONESS
Happy Canada Day each and every one.   
February 19, 2011 by IROKONESS
OK, for quiet a while now I haven't had emoticons or any toolbar at all for submitting comments in windowblinds, dreamscapes, etc.   But, now I can't comment. What can I do?  W7 IE8
February 11, 2011 by IROKONESS
9-Second St. Emerson.    $43,900.  gets you this.

I phoned and couldn't believe my ears.  For $43,900.00 of my hard earned money I get zip.      Yes, that's right. Nothing.

When I move out I can get $40,000.00 back..... $3900. goes to real estate guy. No interest. Rent will be $1,000. a month. For everyone. no discount for them holding on to your casharoni.    Oh, and bring your own washer and dryer.  The real estate guy w...